NGBS Self-Funded Program

Plan benefits and accounts are administered by Allied Benefit Systems, Inc.

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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Your benefits and plans are administered by Allied Benefit Systems, Inc.
With Allied, active members have access to administrative tools including:

Timely and accurate claim status
Benefit Information
Print your ID cards
Links to provider networks
Deductible and out-of-pocket status
Update contact information

Why the National General Benefits Solutions Self-Funded Program?

Our Self-Funded Program could be for you if you have 5 to 200 employees and are looking for:

Predictable costs

Your maximum self-funding cost for the year is determined up front, and it's guaranteed, subject to enrollment and benefit changes

Your cost is determined up front and won't change for a full year as long as no changes are made to enrollment or benefits.

Asset Protection

Stop loss insurance protects your business's assets, even if your group's claims become larger than projected.

Employer stop loss coverage is an insurance product that is regulated by the state in which the coverage is issued.

Predictable Cash Flow

As long as you've paid your monthly bill, you won't have to pay more in a given month than what you've planned for.

See immediate monthly savings, overall costs that stay lower year to year, and the chance each year to get money back.

A Health Care Financing Solution

With our Self-Funded Program, self funding comes within reach for your small business. Our Self-Funded Program combines an employer-funded
health benefit plan with plan administration and stop loss coverage.

You just pay a monthly bill and get:

Tools and templates to assist you with establishing and maintaining your own self-funded health benefit plan and claims account, from which your group’s claims are paid.
Stop loss insurance to protect you from higher-than-expected claims.
Plan administration by Allied Benefit Systems, Inc., a third-party plan administrator selected by Time Insurance Company for its expertise in processing claims, providing customer service and managing your plan accounting.